Veterans Day Assembly 2019

James River High Veterans Day

Hosted by:

The JRHS NJROTC and the JRHS Center for Leadership and International Relations

CWO Brashear Interview
Chief Warrant Officer Phillip Brashear
The NJROTC Honor Guard Rendering Honors

    Chief Warrant Officer Phillip Maxie Brashear, the son of Carl Maxie Brashear, the first African American US Navy master diver, visited James River High on November 8, 2019. On the Friday of Veterans Day weekend, we honored all who gave some. CWO Brashear enlightened the James River cadets and students with his amazing quotes as well as stories from his upbringing. He recounted the harsh career his father endured and explained that quitting should never be an option, because quitting wasn’t in his fathers vocabulary. Chief Warrant Officer Brashear brought historic photos of the life his father lived and described the effects it had on him into adulthood. Despite having his leg amputated, Brashear’s father was able to re-enlist after being declared unfit to serve. His father was a hero for saving a fellow shipmate’s life, at the cost of his leg, caused from a rope line. Above all, his father’s legacy was a major influence in Brashear’s success.  Phillip Brashear and three other veterans including Annie Mae Cowardin a WW II veteran formed a round table  and spoke about their lives in the military as part of a school wide assembly that included an introductory tribute video.  Following the assembly, the NJROTC Honor Guard presented Chief Warrant Officer Brashear and his fellow veterans a wreath which they placed in the memorial circle in honor of all veterans.  

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