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Air Rifle Team Awards

The air rifle team ended a great season this year with CDR Greenwald presenting Coach Ron Echols, a Marine Vietnam combat veteran and former USMC Rifle Team member with the Virginia Rifle League 1st Place Trophy.  Ron’s coaching laid the foundation for the team’s  stellar performance this season. 2016  marks the third season in the past four years that the team placed first in the Virginia Rifle League standings. The team and following cadets earned awards in addition to their Virginia Rifle League ribbons:


Virginia Rifle League Championship

Cadet Frye

VRL Top Gun

VRL Top Gun – Prone

VRL Top Gun – Standing

VRL Top Gun – Kneeling

“Top Gun” Award

Cadet Ross

“Most Improved Shooter” Award

Cadet Freeman

“Most Valuable Shooter” Award

Crater Invitational “Top Gun” Trophy

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Varsity Air Rifle Wins First Place, Virginia Rifle League

The air rifle team shot the Virginia Air Rifle League Postal on Monday, 2 May. The varsity air rifle team earned first place overall, beating six Army JROTC teams from Buckingham, Dinwiddie, Prince George, and Powhatan High Schools. Cadet Delaneo Frye achieved the top overall score of the meet in all categories. The scores are as follows.

Varsity (First Place)

  1. Frye, Delaneo: 96-5 (Prone), 75-0 (Standing), 80-1 (Kneeling), 251-6 (Comp.)
  2. Freeman, Alex: 87-1 (Prone), 72-1 (Standing), 70-0 (Kneeling), 229-2 (Comp.)
  3. Ross, Ebony: 92-3 (Prone), 65-1 (Standing), 71-0 (Kneeling), 228-4 (Comp.)
  4. Davies, Conner: 91-2 (Prone), 56-0 (Standing), 60-1 (Kneeling), 207-3 (Comp.)

Junior Varsity (Seventh Place)

  1. Pearcy, Jack: 79-0 (Prone), 50-1 (Standing), 57-0 (Kneeling), 186-1 (Comp.)
  2. Yong, Meily: 75-1 (Prone), 33-0 (Standing), 41-0 (Kneeling), 149-1 (Comp.)
  3. May, Aundrae: 69-0 (Prone), 37-0 (Standing), 40-0 (Kneeling), 146-0 (Comp.)
  4. Cook, John: 68-0 (Prone), 16-0 (Standing), 31-1 (Kneeling), 115-1 (Comp.)

HOORAH Cadets! Job well done!