Indoctrination Week 2018: Information and Registration

What is INDOC?  Indoctrination Week, otherwise known as INDOC, is our a week long event hosted at JRHS from August 20th to the 24th.  During this time, aspiring cadets will learn to face challenges as a team, and they will learn what is takes to be apart of a unit.  Cadets will learn the ropes and standards of uniform preparation, managing responsibilities, getting fit, and communicating as a team.  They will also be introduced to our wide variety of teams available to join within the unit.  Building a strong bond between new cadets at the beginning of the year works wonders in carrying them through, and that is just what we do here during INDOC.  To find out how to register your upcoming cadet for INDOC 2018, click on the link below!

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