Without the Help of various sponsors and Donors, our unit would be struggling to stay Alive. Thankfully many people have reached out to our unit and played a big role in helping it succeed. If you continue to scroll you can view some of the big helpers to the James River Navy Junior ROTC program, and if you would like to donate scroll past the donors and click on our PayPal link, stationed at the bottom of the page.

Huguenot Trail Rotary Club

The Huguenot Trail Rotary Club is a major sponsor to the unit here at James River. Thanks to this amazing organization our cadets have been able to support and feed veterans on multiple occasions, take various field trips to help create a more cohesive unit, and many more. Check out the Rotary’s website below to learn more about this organization

Dominion Shooting Range, INC.

Here at James River we take great pride in the teams that are active, one of which is the Air Rifle team. This team teaches members patience, and a steady focus to be able to hit targets staged far away from the competitor. Thanks to Dominion Shooting Range, Inc., we have been able to avidly compete with top of the line air rifles. If you like to check what they are all about, click their website link, linked below.


The thermometer above shows how much money has been donated to the Unit this year directly. We would like to thank anyone who donates, no matter the amount. Powered By:

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