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ATTENTION ALL DRILL TEAM MEMBERS: There will be no practice on Friday, 30 September. The Drill Team now has a Remind group. To join, text the code @a52016 to 81010. The code for the UPI team is @upi2017 (text to the same number).

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Welcome to the JRHS NJROTC Drill Team! This team is the pride and joy of James River’s NJROTC unit. The Drill Team, combined with the Uniform Personnel Inspection Team, competes directly against other schools is Area 5 (Virginia and Maryland) and directly contributes to our unit’s Area 5 standings.

What is Drill Team? Drill Team consists of several smaller teams which compete in the areas of marching, rifle movements, and uniform appearance. There are a total of six teams under the Drill Team’s administration.

  • Unarmed Standard Drill: Consists of basic marching and facing movements in a platoon. Scores based on correct and precise completion of a standard “drill card” (a routine of certain commands executed in a set order).
  • Armed Standard Drill: Similar to Unarmed Standard, but with basic rifle movements added to the marching card. In addition, the Armed Standard Platoon Commander needs to know sword movements.
  • Unarmed Exhibition: Consists of a more advanced, team-developed routine of military step. Emphasis on military bearing, synchronization, and precision.
  • Armed Exhibition: This team is essentially the face of military drill in any branch. Consists of rifle spinning and throwing to a team-developed routine.
  •  Competition Color Guard: This four-man team marches a standard drill card in a detail consisting of two rifles, the US Navy’s flag, and the United States’ Flag. (Competition Color Guard is not necessary for participation in extracurricular Color Guards. For more information on the Color Guards our unit offers, click here).
  • Uniform Personnel Inspection: UPI Cadets are expected to look the best in their uniform and are inspected on uniform appearance, military bearing, and the highest levels of military knowledge.

When does this team practice and compete? The Drill Team practices every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon from 1500-1700 hours. Competitions take place on Saturdays and consist of several different schools all competing in these events.

How does this team stack up? In the 2018-2019 Drill Season, the JRHS NJROTC Drill Team placed in the top ten of all 57 schools in Area 5 (Virginia and Maryland), earning a place at the prestigious Area 5 Drill, Field, and Academic Championships in Virginia Beach in March, 2019.

What awards can I earn on this team? Drill team members who attend three competitions can earn the Drill ribbon.

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