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– Don’t hesitate to reach out with the contact information below, we will happily answer any questions you may have regarding any subject or matter

*Unfortunately, James River High School has decided to cease all operations until the current situation of Virginia begins to better. This decision was made to insure that the James River Cadets and students stayed safe and healthy during this global pandemic. However, James River NJROTC will hopefully in the future begin to start back up outside operations to support their community both near and afar.*

If you have a request or a comment for our unit, please submit here or contact Commander Greenwald via the email listed at the bottom. Any emails received by our Communications Officer will be forwarded to the appropriate respondent. NOTE: If you would like to order a memorial brick for your organization, please click on the respective links for those in order to fill out a Google Form. Thank you for your correspondence!

If you need to request a color guard you can either email us at,, or fill out the color guard request located just below this text

Brick Dedications

Family, friends, or relatives may purchase a memorial brick in honor of those James River High School graduates who have served or are serving in the armed forces. Bricks may be purchased for $50. $25 pays for the actual engraving of the brick, and the balance is used for upkeep of the memorial circle. Our NJROTC Honor Guard will make a formal presentation of the brick on a day convenient for the family and service member if available.

List of Brick Dedications:

  • WWII Roundtable of Central VA
  • In Honor of All Korean War Veterans 2014
  • In Honor of All Vietnam War Veterans 2015
  • In Honor of All Cold War Veterans 2016
  • Andrew L. Glisson, US Army, Class of 2003
  • Rachel Stuhlmiller, US Army, Class of 2008
  • Adam Teachey, US Army, Class of 2008
  • Eric R. Lee, USMC, Class of 2009
  • Julie A. Ingram, US Navy, Class of 2011
  • Eric L. Fichter, US Navy, Class of 2011
  • Lynda Johnson, USMC, Class of 2012
  • Kevin A. Powell, USMC, Class of 2013
  • Cody L. Finchum, USMC, Class of 2013
  • Nancy Johnson, USMC, Class of 2014
  • Karl R. Linn, USMC, Class of 2002
  • Jourdan L. Grez, USMC, Class of 1999
  • Col. Jeff Ellick, US Army, Principal (2011-2016)
  • Elisha El, US Navy, Class of 2015
  • Reed Dibich, USMC, Class of 2013
  • Captain James Daniels, Area 5 Manager
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