Competition Teams

What sets apart NJROTC mainly from your typical High School Class besides the Military Aspect, is the many teams within NJROTC that shape the program greatly. It allows our Unit to compete against a variety of Units such as Lee Davis, Green Run, and Norview. It provides a sense of friendly competition that in some cases can really excite cadets. Scroll Down to Learn about the many teams that James River High School NJROTC hosts.

Drill Team

Drill is a team which requires the unification of one team to complete complex routines as a unit, rather than as individuals. It creates a sense of unison like no other and because of it sets the Drill team apart from most teams, which require the skill of the individual. With the various cards such as Armed Exhibition, and Unarmed Standard, and Unarmed Exhibition, Drill creates a unique sense to how one should march properly.

Athletic Team

The Athletic Team based around the the components of Push-ups, Curl-ups, and Running, has played a big role in a handful of Cadets. Not only is Physical fitness an aspect of NJROTC itself, but those who like to push themselves to achieve better can join the Athletic Team here at James River. It provides an opportunity for cadets to stay in shape, and grow physically. Ran by the Physical Fitness Officer it is an outstanding opportunity for Cadets to better themselves. It allows cadets within the program to get competitive, and challenge themselves to rep out that extra rep of push ups, or curl ups, or sprint for that final lap.

Air Rifle Team

Air Rifle is a big and mighty team here at James River. Ranked Sixth in Area 5, we are the team to beat. Under the lead of the Air Rifle team lead, and Assistant team lead, it is a well run team if you are looking to improve your patience, strength, and aim. Shooting small projectiles at high velocities is a very hard to master trait, but with training there is nothing stopping you. Comprised of a JV and Varsity team, both of which have either been or returned consecutively to the Area 5 championship, really set cadets apart in many areas of their character.

Raiders Team

When describing the terms dedication, and commitment, the members of the Raiders team fit it perfectly. Waking up at 0630 just to work out, really takes motivation. Competing against Army JROTC, the raiders team at James River is really unique considering we are a Navy JROTC. Competing in events such as the rope bridge, which requires one member to run across to another tree and tie a rope only to allow the other members to rappel onto it and crawl across, really takes extreme physical fitness. Nonetheless, the Raiders team does this exercise two to three times a week. Therefore, if you as a cadet are looking to better one’s self I personally recommend joining the Raiders team.

Cyber Patriots Team

Originally an Air Force JROTC, cyber patriots deals with the security of cyber space. In today’s time, the importance of Cyber security has grown substantially compared to previous eras. Here at James River High School we host a Cyber patriots team, unusual of most Navy JROTC programs. Led by the Cyber Patriots team lead, and comprised of two different teams, this team is an avid competitor at different meets. Our team ranks among some of the best compared to previous years. If you have an interest in cyber security join this team and learn more.

UPI team

The Uniform and Personal Inspection team otherwise known as the UPI team are held to the highest level of Grooming and Inspection standards. Made up of three squads with four cadets in each, a guide on, and a UPI commander, the UPI team stands out from most of the teams in our Program. They are constantly tested on Knowledge they are required to know, and during competition are inspected by active duty Marine Drill Instructors, and Navy Drill instructors. These members are hand selected by the UPI commander, these members are among a prestigious platoon looked up to when displaying proper wear of the Naval Uniform.

Academic Team

In addition, to all the Physical and Drill standards set upon in NJROTC, academics is another key portion looked at. This team is held to the highest standards academically, led by the Academic Officer must memorize certain sets of information based on the NJROTC criteria. Tested on current events, old Naval history, different fields of science, the academic team is a meritorious and prestigious team to be apart of. In addition, to the Academic team the brain brawl team is another subsection of Academics. Last Year out brain brawl team made it all the way to Nationals. The brain brawl team is structured around a Jeopardy style of game, is a hard team to compete in especially against teams JROTC’s like Green Run, and Princess Anne.

Orienteering Team

Do you like the wilderness? Do you have what it takes to be

Honor Guard

Becoming a member of the Honor Guard is the most prestigious and Honorable team to be apart of. There is only one way to become a member which is by selection on the Honor Guard Board. The job of the Honor Guard, is to every morning raise the American, and State Flag, and also remember those Alumni’s of James River who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Most notable Lance Corporal Karl Linn and Lance Corporal Jourdan Grez. We honor those two alumni’s everyday when the honor guard detail finishes their routine in the morning.

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