The 2021-2022 Leadership Team

“I will do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility I will consider others better than myself. I will look not only to my own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

Officer Positions

Commanding Officer (CO),
Drill Commander
c/LCDR Ethan Henry

Executive Officer (XO),
Academic Team Officer in Charge
c/Lt Niko Feher

Operations Officer,
Honor Guard Commander,
Fundraising Officer
c/Ltjg Bradley Nichols

Recruiting/Retention Officer,
Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Officer
c/ENS Riley Montgomery

Supply Officer
c/ENS Donald King-Wells

First Lieutenant,
Cyber Patriots Team Officer in Charge,
Command Librarian
c/ENS Dejanelle Benjamin

Admin Officer
c/ENS Abner Mejia

Enlisted Positions

Senior Enlisted Leader (SEL) c/CPO Willyam Lesanework

Assistant Operations Officer,
Command Fitness Coordinator/Physical Fitness Officer,
Raiders Team Petty Officer in Charge,
Assistant Academic Officer, Assistant Drill Commander
c/PO1 Felicia Franco

Senior Medical Coordinator,
Community Service Officer
c/PO1 Campbell Fields

Marksmanship Petty Officer in Charge,
Platoon Leader
c/CPO Ethan Williamson

Orienteering Petty Officer in Charge,
Platoon Leader
c/CPO Delveon Hamilton

Communications and Public Affairs Officer,
Assistant Command Fitness Coordinator/Assistant Physical Fitness Officer,
Brain Brawl Petty Officer in Charge
Assistant Platoon Leader
c/PO3 Connor Madison

Training Coordinator,
Administrative Leading Petty Officer,
Assistant Platoon Leader
c/PO3 Gavin Bradley

Recruiting and Retention Leading Petty Officer,
Boatswain’s Mate,
Platoon or Assistant Platoon Leader
c/PO3 Jack Boyles

Supply Petty Officer,
Assistant Platoon Leader
c/PO3 Wyatt Williamson

Color Guard Commander
c/PO1 Wesley Holt

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