The 2020-2021 Leadership Team

“I will do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility I will consider others better than myself. I will look not only to my own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

Officer Positions

Commanding Officer (CO)
c/LCDR Christopher Cosby has been bestowed the honor of leading the 2020 – 2021 leadership team for the James River NJROTC Unit this year. Throught his high school carrer he has served as the Admin, Operations and, Acedemics officer; with a reliable and oustanding work ethic. c/LCDR Cosby has been a pillar in the infrastructure keeping the units cogs moving.

Executive Officer (XO) c/Lt Shaun Finchum is the 2020 -2021 school year Executive Officer. For his past years, he has served as the Marksmanship co-team lead and supported the team greatly by earning a spot in the Air-Rifle National event. Futhermore, he has stepped up and taken the responsibilty as the Leading Supply Chief Petty Officer when he was needed.

Action Officer (AO) c/Ltjg Mac Swineford is our Action Officer for the outstanding 2019-2020 year. This prior year alongside his ‘XO’ he has co-lead the Marksmanship Team to the Nationals. Additionally, c/Ltjg Swineford has acheived the highest rettention rate, ensuring that the unit lasts beyond his days; for, he desires the best for his James River Family.

Administrative Officer c/ENS Jason Melendez has demonstrated he is fully capable of leading a platoon and many others, even if he wasn’t given the same advantages as others. Coming into the James River NJROTC unit as a c/PO1 from an entirely new school, c/ENS Melendez was ready to take on responsibilty and finish strong.

Assistant Operations Officer, Community Service Officer, Color Guard Commander c/ENS Ethan Henry demonstrating the core values to his fullest capabilities; by, achieving acedemic suporioty he has been a major influencer on the JR unit’s future. Henry competes on Drill, Academics, and Color Guard. c/ENS Henry has been triumphant acedemically within his studies earning Honor and Distingished Cadet for this past year’s EOY Banquet.

Drill Commander c/ENS Samuel Raymond the bright and full of energy ensign has a great willpower to lead cadets on a personal yet athourative level. One of his famous sayings are, ” You have the competence, now just show your confidence.”

Recruting/Retention Officer, Marksmanship OIC c/Ltjg Ethan Williamson is fresh off the boat and has arrived from a respected postion in his former school. Although, c/Ltjg Williamson has been entrusted with the responsibillity of maintatining our troop strength and our Marksmanship team due to his successful career.

Supply Officer, Marksmanship AOIC c/Ltjg Julia Tocarchick, is the one and only female officer in our unit who has distinguished herself above others by enstilling herself with the core vaulues at her heart. Previously, as the Admin O, she will have no problem adjusting to another officer position. Not only, has c/Ltjg Tocarchick been a major role in the success of the unit.

Operations Officer, Fundraising Officer, Raiders OIC c/Ltjg Nichols Feher is another new comer within our JR unit. With a new outlook and attitude, he is sure to become a great addition for the upcoming school year. Including, his outstnading physical fitness scores and keen mind, c/ltjg Feher is an outstanding individual.

First Lieutenant, Platoon Leader c/ENS Willyam Lesanework, transitioning from a previous enlisted position, c/ENS Lesanework has upheld and taken on responsibilties from his sophmore year demonstating that he has the will to carry on. He undertook and adopted the position of assistant platoon leader, with no second thought supporting c/Ltjg Swineford reaching the highest rettention rate.

Enlisted Positions

Senior Enlisted Leader c/SCPO Omar Cabrera is leading the Enlisted personell for this years company leadership team. As many say, c/SCPO Cabrera has an outstanding sense of humor which creates an envoirment of tranquility. Moreover, the motivation he gives is 110%, allowing everyone to always have a smile.

Lay Leader
c/PO1 Patrick Shashaty, the unit Chaplin, is a critical role in raising the morale.

Administrative Leading Petty Officer c/PO3 Abner Mejia, a true powerhouse of determination and dedication; is this years Admin LPO.

Cyber Patriots Petty Officer in Charge, Command Librarian c/PO3 Dejanelle Benjamin, has been selected for the role of a team leader for the Cyber Patriots.

Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Petty Officer, Recruting/Retention Leading Petty Officer, Mass Media/Communications Specialist c/PO2 Riley Montgomery, was handpicked due to her kind and smart attitude to pave the way for a fun filled year!

Recruting/Retention Assistant Petty Officer, Assisitant Platoon Leader c/PO2 Miguel Gonzales, is a great example of commitment to better oneself and others.

Training Coordinator, Platoon Leader c/PO2 Bradley Nichols, is appointed as the training coordinator, and a majorly important role: a Platoon Leader. He is a NS-2 in the program and ranks among the top regarding our very rigorous PT standards. Being on both of the physical aspects of extra curricular practices, he is a hard charging cadet!

Honor Guard Commander, Command fitness Coordinator c/PO1 Colin Murpy, the one, the only: STRONG MAN. He is on Target, on time; and, never quits.

Supply Leading Petty Officer, Assistant Drill Commander, Platoon Leader c/PO2 Isadora Braga, one of the most prominatant participants throught her NS1 year; c/PO2 Braga has redefined the term dedication by empowering others to do more.

Communications Petty Officer, Orienteering Team Leading Petty Officer, Public Affairs Petty Officer, Command Historian, Platoon Leader c/PO1 Delveon Hamilton, a defining aspect for the face of the unit. He is always willing to help those in need.

Platoon Leader c/PO2 Adian Constantino, has an outstanding quality of a leader that shouldn’t go unrecognized, a great sense of humor. Allowing everyone to relax and create a healthy social envoirment.

Supply Assistant Petty Officer, Assistant Platoon Leader c/PO3 Kayla Tocarchick, the sister of Julia Tocarchick, has shined bright and loud from her first days.

Assistant Platoon Leader c/PO3 Nathan Layell, is becoming an assistant Platoon Leader for the upcoming school year.

Senior Medical Leading Petty Officer c/PO2 Campbell Fields, has been selected to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Medical Leading Petty Officer for this years Company Staff. He has been active member within the medical field since freshman year and continues to enhance his knowledge in the field. He competes on the Raiders, and PT team.

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