2019-2020 Leadership Team

“I will do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility I will consider others better than myself. I will look not only to my own interests, but also to the interests of others.”


Commanding Officer (CO)
Benjamin Doniger, the commanding officer for the 2019-2020 school year, is a Naval Science three cadet and competes in a wide variety of teams from Drill, to PT, to Raiders, to Air Rifle. He truly does it all.

Executive Officer (XO) Alexander Wade is the 2019-2020 school year Executive Officer, as it being his fourth year of the program, Alexander has participated in a several diverse extracurricular teams. Additionally, he was last years previous senior chief (the highest rate any enlisted can earn in our unit).

Chief Of Staff (COS) Stella Crump is our Chief of Staff for the outstanding 2019-2020 year. The exemplary Lieutenant competes highly on our PT team, Academic team, and even the Drill team. She has had multitudinous experiences that has proven she is a cut above the rest. Over her four years in the program, she has been awarded ribbons, medals, and documents, distinguishing herself to such an incomparable level to be known as the finest Chief of Staff in Area 5. “NJROTC has taught me to not only lead others, but [to] also lead myself to be the best possible.”

Operations Officer, Academic Officer, Fundraising Officer Christopher Cosby has been placed as this years Academic, Fundraising, and most importantly Operations Officer. This is his third year in the program and has been always among the best of the best in many of the aspects of NJROTC.

Assistant Operations Officer, Honor Guard Commander, Drill Commander, and Cyber Patriots team lead Samuel Raymond is quintuple hatted this year (meaning he has five positions), and still manages to compete avidly on many teams. He is a NS-3 this year and hopes to continue the program next year.

Administrative Officer, and Fundraising Officer Julia Tocarchick is an avid participator on the Drill, Air Rifle, PT, and Academics and has really strived to be the best over her two years of the program. Fun Fact, Tocarchick is the only sophmore on varsity air rifle.


Senior Enlisted Leader, Physical Fitness Chief Petty Officer Frederick Hines is leading the Enlisted portion of this years company staff. He is an NS-3 in the program and ensures to keep the PT standards high and mighty as he is one of the best pushing cadets! Overall, Hines is a motivated, dedicated, and a determined cadet! “

Supply Chief Leading Petty Officer
Shaun Finchum, the leading supply chief, is undergoing his third year as a cadet, upholding the standards of a prestigious chief. As an active member on the Air Rifle team; he obtained an outstanding score on previous Air rifle meets, Shaun has an excellent shot.

Deck Leading Chief Petty Officer

Omar Cabrera is an NS-3, who is the Deck Leading Chief Petty Officer. He has competed on teams such as Drill, PT, and Raiders. He is also a Platoon leader for the largest platoon this year.

Weapons Division Chief Petty Officer, Air Rifle Team Lead Randall Swineford is this years Weapons Division Chief, and Air Rifle Team Lead for the second time. He competes on the Academic, and Air Rifle team. As the Air Rifle lead, he has achieved extremely high scores on their meets, placing within the top 10 of nationals!

Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Chief Petty Officer Savannah Peck has been appointed as this years MWR. She is responsible for keeping the morale high for our cadets. This includes planning field trips, and other fun trips that the cadets enjoy through the entire school year.

Communications Petty Officer and Color Guard Commander Ethan Henry is responsible for the coordination of Color Guards and the Website. He has been striving for success the entire two years he has been in the program. Henry competes on Drill, Academics, Orienteering, and Color Guard.

Orienteering Team Petty Officer, Public Affairs Petty Officer, Recruiting Petty Officer Delveon Hamilton is our PAO and Orienteering team lead. Plus, he has thrived in the hardest conditions by showing the best attention to detail. Petty Officer Hamilton has been a dedicated cadet since the day he entered the unit; proving so by maintained an unbeatable bearing! He has showed an interest by participating in Raiders, Orienteering, PT, Drill, Air Rifle, and Academics! He is always willing to help those in need.

Assistant Physical Fitness Officer, Raiders team Lead Colin Murphy is appointed as the Assistant Physical Fitness team lead, and Raiders team lead. He is a NS-3 in the program and ranks among the top regarding our very rigorous PT standards. Being on both of the physical aspects of extra curricular practices, he is a hard charging cadet!

Chaplain, Boatswains Mate Patrick Shashaty is returning as our company staffs Chaplain, and becoming the new position of Boatswains mate. He is enduring his third year of the program and competes on the academic team. He has a consistent humorous attitude always making others feel great!

Training Petty Officer Jason Melendez transferred from our unit from his original unit in New Jersey. He is a platoon leader this year and also the new Training Coordinator for this years company staff. He mainly competes on the Drill team on multiple cards.

Assistant Administrative Petty Officer Aidan Constantino has been appointed as this years Assistant Admin Petty Officer. In addition, the brother of the First CO who started our unit, Constantino participates on the Drill team, and works hard to keep the paperwork of the unit organized and manageable.

Gunners Mate Willyiam Lessenwork is our new Gunners Mate for the 2019-20 school year. He is an NS-2 in the program and strives to keep all of our Drill Rifles clean and fixed 24/7. He also competes on the Drill team actively.

Medical Leading Petty Officer Campbell Fields has been selected to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Medical Leading Petty Officer for this years Company Staff. He has been active member within the medical field since freshman year and continues to enhance his knowledge in the field. He competes on the Raiders, and PT team.

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