Company Staff

JRHS Company Staff (2019-2020)

company20staff20logo20final“I will do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility I will consider others before myself. I will look not only to my own interests, but to the interests of others.”


Staff Officers (2019-2020)


Commanding Officer: c/LCDR Benjamin Doniger

Executive: c/LT Alexander Wade

Chief Of Staff: c/LT Stella Crump

Operations Officer/Academic Officer/Fundraising Officer: c/LTjg Christopher Cosby

Assistant Operations Officer/Honor Guard Commander/Community Service Officer/Drill commander/Cyber Patriots Team Lead: c/LTjg Samuel Raymond

Color Guard Commander (Acting): C/PO1 Ethan Henry

First Lieutenant (Acting): C/PO1 Omar Cabrera

Administration Officer: c/ENS Julia Tocarchick

Supply Officer: c/ENS Franklin Kliensorgen



Enlisted/ Platoon Staff (2019-2020)



Senior Enlisted Advisor/Physical Fitness Senior Chief: c/SCPO Frederick Hines

Morale, Welfare, and Recreations Chief: c/CPO Savannah Peck

Weapons Chief/Air Rifle Team Lead: c/CPO Randall Swineford

Supply Leading Petty Officer: c/PO1 Sean Finchum

Communications Petty Officer: c/PO1 Ethan Henry

Gunners-mate: c/PO1 Omar Cabrera

Assistant Physical Fitness Petty Officer/ Raiders Team Lead: c/PO1 Colin Murphy

Orienteering Team Lead/ Public Affairs Petty Officer: c/PO1 Delveon Hamilton

Chaplain/Boatswain’s Mate: c/PO2 Patrick Shashaty

Training Officer (Acting): c/CPO Mac Swineford

Assistant Supply Petty Officer: c/PO2 Devin Butler

Assistant Administration Petty Officer: c/PO3 Aidan Constantino

Medical Leading Petty Officer: c/PO3 Campbell Fields

Recruiting Petty Officer: c/PO3 Bailah Yeatts


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