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ATTENTION CADETS INTERESTED IN COLOR GUARDS: There is a Remind group for notifying Cadets about upcoming Color Guards. To join, text the code @jrhscg.

Welcome to the JRHS NJROTC Color Guard! Although Color Guard is not necessarily a full-time competitive team (see Drill Team for information on our Competition Color Guard), those who are a part of our Drill Team are highly recommended to try their hand at Color Guard.

What is Color Guard? Our ceremonial Color Guard details are assigned to present the colors at many different events. Details can range from 3-5 Cadets, but always consist of at least two rifles and the American Flag (who commands the detail).

When does this team practice? Color Guard practices are not usually a regularly scheduled event. However, if you wish to learn more about Color Guard, you can arrange a practice with our Color Guard Commander outside the ROTC room during lunch or after school.

What kinds of events does Color Guard attend? Color Guards can range from school events such as football games or drill meets to college graduation ceremonies and Veterans’ Day assemblies. The range of events is only truly limited by the requests we receive from benefactors (which can be submitted here).

What awards can I earn for being on color guard? After a cadet participates on a color guard detail three separate times, he or she earns the color guard ribbon. In addition, color guards offered for organizations outside of school count as community service hours.

How do I join? Talk to Color Guard Commander to sign up for color guards. Check the calendar for upcoming color guards.

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9 thoughts on “Color Guard Calendar”

  1. Good job c/LT Eden Price (XO), c/Ensign Antony Ing (Chaplain), c/PO2 Spencer Willett (AOps) and c/PO2 Miely Yong on the color guard this morning! Thank you for supporting the local community at the Moose Lodge Memorial Day ceremony. BZ!

  2. PAO, Nice touch incorporating the color guard slide show on the color guard calendar page. You may want to add the title or subtitle, “Color Guards R Us”

  3. I was checking calendars for practice schedules for new cadets that are wanting to do color guard. Are there practice times during and after school for color guard? Thank you for any info.

  4. I understand. My son has already met with Yong. But as the parent I wanted a contact to know how to be part of knowing color guards schedule. All other clubs/teams have everything on the NJROTC calendar. Including practice times. The only thing online is who is doing which color guard events. Is there a contact for parents to have to have more information from the person in charge? Thank you.

    1. We will certainly work on this, but as of yet I do not believe there is a specific contact for color guards, as the competition color guard is part of the drill team and all other color guards are classified as community service or service to the school.

      1. Thank you for clarifying. I’m new to this and didn’t realize competing in color guard was part of drill and the other part was considered community service. That makes sense. I thought color guard was completely separate! Thank you again!

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