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All Company Formation: Fri, 18 March

On Friday, 18 March, the unit held an All-Company Formation. During the formation, Principal Ellick spoke to the Cadets about the unit’s impressive performance at Area 5 Championships and was presented with the Second Place Academic trophy earned at Area. Also featured was a performance by the Unarmed Exhibition team, which preceded several awards, including  the frocking of Cadets Jack Pearcy, Spencer Willett, and Meily Yong to the rank of Cadet Seaman (E-3) and Cadet Daniel Cappiello to Cadet Petty Officer Third Class (E-4). In addition, the Company Staff roster for the 2016-2017 Academic Term was announced. The Cadets of the month for March, 2016 are Cadet PO/3 Daniel Cappiello for the NS1 award and Cadet PO/3 Quinn Lilly for the upperclassman award. HOORAH to all Cadets who received these rewards and the ones listed below:

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Raiders Meet

On November 7th, the James River High School Raiders team (consisting of eight members) went to Pocahontas State Park and competed in the “Best Of The Best” Raiders Meet. The Raiders team placed

  • 11th Overall out of 48 teams!!
  • 1st in Land Navigation
  • 9th in Rope Bridge
  • 15th on the 5k
  • 14th on the Fireman’s Carry
  • 12th at the Litter Carry

Good Job Cadets! 

2015 Manchester Raiders Meet

The following cadets from James River High School NJROTC competed in the 2015 Manchester Raiders Meet.

  • Curran – 1st place in the mile and pushed himself to the limit on the 5k. Also his first competition
  • Velzy – Good PT scores (especially mile). Stepped up on the 5k — carried extra gear and administered dihydrogen oxide therapy to struggling teammates
  • Mena – 5k team motivator + only raider willing to be the simulated casualty for the litter carry. Also his first competition
  • Blanco – Pushed through the pain on the 5k+ excellent job on the litter carry. Also his first competition.
  • Rhodes* – outstanding one-man performance + all around beast mode + literally ran laps around the team during the 5k.
  • Hayden – Suns out guns out. Excellent PT scores, no complaints on the 5k.
  • Gibson – Good PT scores + quick on the fireman’s carry. Also, pushed himself to the limit on the 5k.
  • Roberts – last time as raiders team lead :'( + PHD in ropes

* denotes seniors.

Notwithstanding a last minute decision to go to the meet and limited practice time, these cadets performed outstandingly.

EDIT: CONGRATULATIONS to our Raiders who placed 3rd in the Vehicle Pull and 6th overall out of 18 teams in the Manchester Raiders meet on Saturday, May 16th. Three new Raiders Cadets Blanco, Curran and Mena earned their cords and Senior Chief Rhodes finished well in his last NJROTC competition.