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Veteran’s 5k Registration

This year we are hosting the 6th Annual Rapids Run for Veterans 5K. Every year the James River High School NJROTC holds a race on the week before veterans day to raise money for veterans. All of the proceeds go to helping veterans in need. This year we are supporting the Fisher House.
Registration prices are as followed:
Active duty or veterans registration $10
Teacher registration – $12.50
Regular/other registration – $20
The race will take place on November 9th at 9:00 AM at James River High School. We welcome to walk up registrations, but you will not be guaranteed a t-shirt. All who register before October 17th  are guaranteed a t-shirt. For any questions, contact us at
To sign up, fill out the google form below.  You will use PayPal to make payments.  Do not “chip in” anonymously, we need to match your form to your payment.
Thank you for supporting such a worthy cause.

Remembrance of Lance Corporal Karl R. Linn

January 26th makes the 14 year anniversary of the day when LCPL Karl R. Linn, a JRHS alumni, was killed in action in Iraq.  This year, to honor his life and sacrifice, our Honor Guard traveled to Culpeper Cemetery, to render honors and lay flowers for LCPL Linn’s grave.


Simultaneously, cadets went to Karl Linn Dr. to clean up litter on the street, and to place a new bow on the sign in honor of LCPL Linn.


Take some time today to remember LCPL Linn, his life and sacrifice, and the sacrifice of all those who have given their lives protecting our country.  Don’t forget those who have lost their sons and daughters in the line of duty.


On Wednesday, June 13th, the start of a new tradition at JRHS took place.  13 cadets gathered to perform a flag presentation for two retiring teachers at JRHS: Deb Anderson and Lil Hilton.  After some thoughtful words from Commander Peter Greenwald, c/ENS Ben Doniger, our Honor Guard Commander, stepped up to lead the ceremony by reciting My Name is Old Glory by Don S. Miller.



Special thanks to these two teachers, who have dedicated so much of their lives to making our community better!

JRHS Veterans’ Day Ceremony: Cold War Roundtable

On Friday, 4 November, 2016, JRHS NJROTC hosted the annual JRHS Veterans’ Day Ceremony. This year’s theme was in honor of all Veterans who served our nation during the Cold War and the Ceremony featured a Roundtable discussion with several veterans who answered questions submitted by James River students about their time in uniform. After the ceremony, the Cadets and veterans reported to the Memorial for a wreath-laying ceremony.


  • Official Party:
    • Lieutenant Colonel Phil Koren, US Army (Ret.)
    • Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Ritchie, Virginia Army Reserve National Guard
    • Master Sergeant George Corbett, US Army (Ret.)
    • Specialist Carl Robinson, US Army (Ret.)
    • Dr. Jennifer Coleman, Principal, James River High School
  • Refreshments:
    • Center for Leadership and International Relations
  • National Anthem:
    • JRHS Chamber Ensemble
  • Color Guard:
    • c/ENS Aundrae May, Right Rifle
    • c/ENS Spencer Willett, American Flag
    • c/PO2 Clark Brandau, Navy Flag
    • c/PO2 Kiara Prera, Right Rifle
  • Armed Forces Tribute:
    • JRHS Orchestra
  • Light/Sound Direction:
    • JRHS Theater Dept.
  • Side Boys:
    • c/ENS Victor Bellamah
    • c/ENS Anthony Ing
    • c/CPO Quinn Lilly
    • c/CPO Thomas Kaupish
    • c/SN Gustavo De’Matos
    • c/SN Logan Easingwood
    • c/SN Joel Ezell
    • c/SA Stella Crump
  • Bosun’s Whistle:
    • c/SA Jesse Oliva
  • Bell Ringer:
    • c/CPO Devin Lowe
  • Escorts:
    • c/LTjg Emma Friedrich
    • c/LTjg Daniel Markey
    • c/ENS Alex Freeman
  • Memorial Walk Detail:
    • c/SA Jesse Oliva
    • c/SA Stella Crump
    • c/SA Savva Sidorov
    • c/SA Eric Alvarenga
    • c/CPO Devin Lowe
    • c/ENS Anthony Ing
    • c/ENS Spencer Willett
    • c/LTjg Thomas Shashaty

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Third Annual Rapids Run for Veterans 5k

On Saturday, November 5th 2016, JRHS NJROTC partnered with the JRHS Center for Leadership and International Relations to host the Third Annual Rapids Run for Veterans 5K. With participants ranging from Cadets to Teachers and other adults, the 5K raised funds for the Fisher House organization, which helps families of Veterans undergoing medical treatment away from home to have a place to stay. Each participant received a shirt and a special shirt was given to the top two finishers, military veterans, and a running club who came out to participate. The top finisher, James River Government Teacher Mr. Alexander Addison, also received a memorial plaque. We would like to thank that Cadets and Leadership students who volunteered and our Commanding Officer, c/LTCDR John Booker, for organizing this event. We hope to see many of the volunteers and runners back here next year as well.

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Walmart Fundraiser (12/13 August, 2016)

BZ to the Cadets who assisted with the Walmart fundraiser. Thanks to the generosity of Walmart patrons, we raised a total of $748.04. Despite the heat, the Cadets represented the Unit well both Friday and Saturday. A special HOORAH to Cadets Easingwood, Cappiello, Ross, and Shashaty for coming out both days to support. Finally, we would like to thank Chief Mack -currently in the midst of Chesterfield Fire Department Training- and former Cadets Tom Curran and Brian Hernandez for also coming out to show their support.

Memorial Day Assembly (31 May, 2016)

Thank you to all Cadets, Students, Teachers, and Guests who attended yesterday’s Memorial Day Assembly to honor all fallen American servicemen and women from the Revolutionary War to the present day, including two JRHS Alumni, USMC Lance Corporals Jourdan Grez (Class of 1999) and Karl Linn (Class of 2002). Following the ceremony in the auditorium, the Unit and distinguished guests participated in a wreath laying ceremony at the memorial to Linn and Grez.

Sixth Annual James River High School Memorial Day Ceremony

Wreath Laying Ceremony, Memorial Day Assembly 2016

In honor of LCpl Karl R. Linn (Class of 2002), LCpl  Jourdan L. Grez (Class of 1999), and all those who have died in service to the United States of America

Ceremonial Duty Roster

  • Master of Ceremonies:  c/LTCDR John Booker, Commanding Officer, JRHS NJROTC
  • Music:
    • Opening instrumentals: JRHS Orchestra, (cond. Justin Turpin)
    • National Anthem and “America the Beautiful”: JRHS Chamber Ensemble (cond. Marissa Parsons)
    • Taps: Ethan Massey and Daniel Newsome, JRHS Wind Ensemble
  • Author/reader, “Purple Hearts” (poem): Jessie Lynn Conner
  • Official Party/Candle Lighters:
    • Mr. Dick Linn, Father of LCpl Linn, Gold Star Family
    • LTC Phil Koren, Military Order of the Purple Heart
    • Joy Mullens, Navy League, Richmond
    • Rev. Rocky Angone, Wreaths Across America
    • Dr. Javaid Siddiqi, School Board Member, Midlothian
    • Col. Jeffrey Ellick, US Army (ret.), Principal, James River High School
    • Mr. Chris Negaard, Teacher, US/VA History, James River High School
    • Nick Burns, Student, James River High School
    • Erin Kasemersky, Student, James River High School Center for Leadership and International Relations
    • Danny McCabe, Senior Class President, James River High School
    • Dr. Jennifer Coleman, Assistant Principal, James River High School
  • Color Guard:
    • c/PO2 Meily Yong, American Flag
    • c/LTJG Daniel Markey, Navy Flag
    • c/LT Eden Price, Right Rifle
    • c/LTJG Luke Ewing, Left Rifle
  • Side Boys:
    • c/PO2 Spencer Willett, Pipe
    • c/LT Tom Curran, Bell
    • c/LT Kaitleen Rivera
    • c/CPO Quinn Lilly
    • c/SN Gustavo DeMatos
    • c/SCPO Kevin Juarez
    • c/SN Logan Easingwood
    • c/ENS Anthony Ing
    • c/PO2 Kiara Prera
    • c/LTJG Thomas Shashaty
  • Wreath Laying:
    • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Linn, Parents, LCpl Karl R. Linn
    • Mrs. Donna Dollings, Teacher, Jourdan L. Grez
    • Dr. Javaid Siddiqi, Honoring All Fallen Soldiers
  • Wreath Presentations:
    • c/LT Kaitleen Rivera, Honor Guard Commander (2015-2016)
    • c/ENS Anthony Ing, Chaplain
    • c/CPO Quinn Lilly, Honor Guard Commander (2016-2017)
  • Honor Guard Detail (furthest to closest):
    • c/LTJG Daniel Markey, First Lieutenant
    • c/SN James Bowes
    • c/PO3 Daniel Cappiello
    • c/PO2 Kiara Moya-Prera, Assistant PFO
    • c/PO2 Kevin Brandau, Platoon Leader
    • c/PO2 Devin Lowe, Assistant Supply Officer
    • c/SN Joel Ezell
    • c/CPO Thomas Kaupish, Platoon Leader


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Principal Ellick Brick Laying Ceremony

As a surprise gesture of gratitude to our retiring Principal, Colonel Jeffrey Ellick, US Army (ret.), members of the JRHS NJROTC Honor Guard presented him and his family with a brick to be laid in the walkway of the memorial honoring Lance Corporals Jourdan Grez and Karl Linn. Several members of the JRHS office and administrative staff were present. Commanding Officer Cadet Lieutenant Commander John Booker said a few brief words prior to the ceremony, and Principal Ellick made his gratitude known to the Unit, posing for a picture with the very Cadets that presented him his brick.

Veterans’ Day 2015

Wednesday, November 11th, Cadets Markey, Jackson, Friedrich, and Willett traveled with Commander Greenwald to Brookdale Elementary School, Providence Middle School, and Midlothian High School to perform Color Guards at each one of their Veterans Day services. The four cadets performed a total of four Color Guards, two at Providence Middle School and one at each of the other schools. The cadets’ tribute to all veterans, living and deceased, was truly an honor to provide.



Rapids Run For Veterans 5k

On Saturday, November 7th, the unit held the 2nd Annual “Rapids Run For Veterans” 5K, organized this year by Cadet Ewing, the unit’s PFO. Donuts (from Sugar Shack, an acclaimed local doughnut shop), coffee, water, and other food items were provided for Veterans and runners. Cadets participated in and helped run the event alongside student volunteers from the JRHS Center for Leadership and International Relations. The event raised a record $2K, all of which were donated to the Fisher House foundation, a charity that helps wounded veterans and their families with lodging for medical treatments that require them to be away from their homes for an extended period. All participants received a shirt designed by Commander Greenwald’s daughter (see featured image for design); however, the top ten runners each received a special version of the shirt denoting their top ten status.