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New Cadet Orientation 2019 and Leadership Followership Camp

New Cadet Orientation (NCO):

Incoming cadets, come out to James River during the third week of August, Monday through Thursday for the annual New Cadet Orientation or NCO. During this week you will be able to develop as a leader, workout, meet the new company staff, and even earn some awards while there.

Once the new cadets arrive they will form up for the first time until they are split into the three platoons and meet their platoon leaders for the week. During this selection the platoon leaders will elect striving cadets to fill the roles of guide-on and platoon leaders. After the selection is made the three platoons will practice drill for the first time and get a feel for what it is. Following this will be PT and academics to broaden the new cadet about what NJROTC is all about.  This also allows for some few cadet leaders to lead by example within the platoon and show of to their other platoon mates about what it means to be a leader. Leadership will be greatly demonstrated by the hand selected platoon leaders who strive above and beyond.

Every year a handful of cadets are carefully chosen who go above and beyond to fulfill the roles of the company staff. These cadets are acknowledged for the achievements to lead others as they have shown how they can excel in this field of NJROTC along with the other many topics. This team of cadets is among the best of the best and allows for the incoming cadets to look up to in how to lead within their future class periods for the upcoming year. This time also allows to get interested in the company staff and get them to apply for the next staff.

At the end of an action packed week the cadets will be awarded for their hard work. This includes being advanced to the rate of Seaman apprentice which makes them higher than cadets who just joined and didn’t go to NCO. Along with a advancement the cadets will be awarded with the participation ribbon signifying that they went through the entire week of NCO. After the awards ceremony takes place the entire company in three platoons will march back to James River High School for a banquet to celebrate the cadets hard earned work. This is a great week for any interested cadets to go through to gain a head start.  If you have any interests in this action packed week, click the sign up link below. We hope to see you there

Leadership Followership Camp:

If you or your child is not enrolled in JROTC for this upcoming school year, but is still interested in gaining experience in the arts of leadership and followership, they may enroll in the Leadership Followership Camp.  This camp goes on during NCO, and students engage in similar activities throughout the week.  Parents of JRHS students should have received a letter with additional information in May 2019.  More information will be released very soon in August.


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It’s time to engage your Amazon Smile supporters…

With our ever present methods of supporting the James River High school NJROTC’s  you can now help fund our unit with our newest supporter, Amazon Smiles. Fathers day is right around the corner and there is no better place to shop for a last minute gift then the link provided below. By shopping on the link below, Amazon will give back a portion of the money spent.  Amazon Smiles is the perfect place to shop gifts for any circumstances and I personally encourage all of the cadets to click the link below and start shopping now. 

End of the Year Banquet 2019

On May 18th, it was an eventful night for the NJROTC cadets for sure. With a night full of remembrance for the graduating seniors, to the awards ceremony that followed, and to the many more exciting things that happened. This ceremony was hosted at the Thomas R. Fulghum Conference Center, and was a perfect setup for the use of the ceremony. This EOY banquet not only marked the end of a great school year, but also marked the beginning of a new legacy to be made within the unit. The ceremony was kicked off with the returning Color Guard Commander c/ENS Dillon Brandau who provided a wonderful presentation of the colors to. After the colors had been presented and carried off i a honorable manner, the rising Honor Guard Commander c/LtJg Samuel Raymond informed us on the missing man table and how much importance it held within that round table. Then, once everyone had held a time of memorial for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, after which dinner commenced.

As dinner came to a close, CDR Peter Greenwald, the SNSI walked up to the podium to give some memories he had seen over the years that had been created by that graduating class of seniors: c/SA Jade Delany, c/SN Kayla Jenkins, c/PO1 Mantas Durktenis, c/PO1 Elijah Russell, c/CPO Tylicia Singleton, c/ENS Clark Brandau, c/LtJg Daniel Cappiello, c/SN Austin Cramer, c/CPO Gustavo DeMatos, c/ENS Lesslie Hernandez, c/Lt Mason Morris, c/LDCR Kiara Prera, c/PO2 Ebony Ross, c/PO1 Nicholas Wells. Once Commander Peter Greenwald came to a close he then handed the microphone to the c/LDCR Kiara Prera who would share some memories she had made while in NJROTC.


To follow such an amazing night already, would be the recognition of those cadets who went above and beyond to become the best of the best.


Navy League Top Cadet Award:  This award was given to c/LDCR Kiara Prera for striving for above and beyond and distinguished herself as being the best among the other cadets.


Navy League Theodore Roosevelt Award (Youth Medal): This award was given to c/Lt Alexander Wade for demonstrating incredible improvement in his 2nd/3rd year and showed great commitment to not only extracurricular events residing within JROTC, but also showing dedication to the academic side of school. 


AMVETS Junior ROTC award: This award was given to c/LDCR Ben Doniger because of his outsanding personal appearance and keeping an A in NJROTC in the multiple years he has been in it.


Military Order of the World  MOWW JROTC Award Wars: This award was given to c/ENS Dillon Brandau for outstanding accomplishment, for the love and patriotism, and for doing an overall great job over the years. 


Sons of the American Revolution: This award was given to c/ENS Joseph Kleinsorgan for his excellent academics, a cadet in good standings all year long, and for showing excellent leadership.


Military Order of the Purple Heart: This awards was given to c/LtJg Samuel Raymond for having a B or better in all subjects and for doing all of this even though he isn’t a senior.

TROA Award: This award was given to c/PO1 Shaun Finchum for being a great cadet and showing how great of a leader he truly is.


Military Officer Association of American TROA Award: This award was given to c/SCPO Frederick Hines for showing himself as a leader and developing as a great cadet.


Surface Navy Association Stephen Decatur Award: This award was given to c/PO1 Delveon Hamilton and c/CPO Savannah Peck for having a B in NJROTC and all other Subjects.

Order of Daedalians Daedalians JROTC Achievement Award: This award was given to c/LtJg Christopher Cosby for being in the top 20% of his NJROTC class and also in the top 10% of his graduating class.


Scottish Rite Award: This award was given c/SN Harrison Calhoun for being in 25% of his class while at the samtime being a Naval Science two student.

Non Commissioned Officer Awards: This award was given to c/PO1 Elijah Russell, c/CPO Mac Swineford, and c/PO1 Omar Cabrera for being oustanding non commissioned officers.

      After the major medals were handed out it was time to recognize the two major teams within James River who made it to the national level of competition. The first team we congratulate is the Brain Brawl team for making it pretty far in the national competition, and even beat Green Run High school. The second team we were mentioning in the ceremony was the air rifle team for ranking sixth in the state and becoming the team to beat in our division of schools. 

Now we move onto the ribbons that would be handed out…

The Distinguished Cadet Ribbon: This ribbon was given to c/LDCR Kiara Prera, c/SCPO Hines, c/LCDR Ben Doniger, and c/PO1 Delveon Hamilton for being cade4ts who excel in all aspects of NJROTC


The Honor Cadet Ribbon: This ribbon was given to c/PO1 Henry, c/LDCR Ben Doniger, c/Lt Alexander Wade, c/ENS Clark Brandau for having the highest grade point average of all the cadets in their year.

Outstanding NS4: c/ENS Clark Brandau, c/CPO Gustavo DeMatos, c/Lt Mason Morris, c/LDCR Kiara Prera, c/ENS Lesslie Hernandez

Outstanding NS3: c/Lt Stella Crump, c/ENS Joseph Kleinsorgan, c/ENS Thomas Luther, c/CPO Savannah Peck, c/ENS Daniel Ruffin, c/Lt Alexander Wade, c/SN Krau, c/CPO Ryan Watson

Outstanding NS2: c/ENS Dillon Brandau, c/PO3 Ayden Constantino, c/LtJg Christopher Cosby, c/LDCR Ben Doniger, c/PO1 Shaun Finchum, c/SCPO Fred Hines, c/PO1 Colin Murphy, c/LtJg Samuel Raymond, c/PO1 Elijah Russell, c/CPO Mac Swineford, c/SN Harrison Calhoun, c/PO1 Mantas Durktenis

Outstanding NS1: c/SN Benjamin, c/SA Bradley, c/PO1 Hamilton, c/PO1 Henry, c/SN Holt, c/ENS Tocarchik, c/SN Jenkins, c/SA Bartee, c/SN Moro, c/SN Newton, c/PO2 Sarpong, c/SA Whitney

Military Aptitude

c/ENSBrandau, D
c/SN Butler
c/PO1 Cabrera
c/Lt Crump
c/CPO De Matos
c/LDCR Doniger
c/PO1 Finchum
c/SCPO Hines*
c/PO1 Murphy*
c/CPO Peck
c/LDCR Prera
c/LtJg Raymond
c/ENS Ruffin
c/PO1 Russell*
c/CPO Singleton*
c/CPO Swineford
c/Lt Wade*
c/PO1 Hamilton
c/PO1 Henry
c/SN Holt
c/SA Rodriguez, C

Exemplary Conduct

Druktenis Bickford
Harcum Brandau, D
Hernandez Butler
Calhoun Cabrera
Hall Constantino
Kraus Cosby
Reliford Cramer
Vanderpool Doniger
Bartee Finchum
Brown HInes
Crim Morris
Delaney Murphy
Fields Peck
Fyffe Prera
Gaafar Raymond
Geter Russell
Harris Wade
Huang Benjamin
Moro Bradley
Newton Chashkin
Sarpong Hamilton
Smith Henry

Exemplary Personal Appearance

Druktenis Brandau, K
Hernandez, L Cabrera
Hall, M Cosby
Kelchner Crump
Kraus Doniger
Penny Hines
Watson Kleinsorgen
Fields Murphy
Moro Peck
Sarpong Prera
Whitney Raymond
Rodriguez, C

Frocking of the new servant leadership team:

Unit Commander: Ben Doniger, promoted to cadet lieutenant commander.
Executive Officer: Alexander Wade, promoted to cadet lieutenant.
Chief of Staff: Stella Crump, promoted to cadet lieutenant.
Operations Officer: Chris Cosby, promoted to cadet lieutenant junior grade.

Administration Officer: Julia Tocarchik, promoted to cadet ensign/

Supply Officer: Joseph Kleinsorgan, promoted to cadet ensign.
Platoon Leader: Omar Cabrera, promoted to cadet petty officer first class
First Lieutenant: Daniel Ruffin, promoted to cadet ensign.
Chaplain: Patrick Shashaty, promoted to cadet petty officer second class.

Honor Guard Commander: Samuel Raymond, promoted to cadet lieutenant junior grade.
Communications Officer: Ethan Henry, promoted to cadet petty officer first class.
Academic Team Lead: Christopher Cosby, promoted to cadet lieutenant junior grade.
Color Guard Commander: Dillon Brandau, promoted to cadet ensign.
Senior Enlisted Advisor: Frederick Hines, advanced to cadet senior chief petty officer.
Physical Fitness Officer: Frederick Hines, advanced to cadet senior chief petty officer.
Medical Technician: Campbell Fields, advanced to petty officer third class.
Fundraising Officer: Bailah Yeatts, advanced to cadet petty officer third class.
Mass Media Specialist: Delveon Hamilton, advanced to cadet petty officer first class.
Weapons Officer: Patrick Shashaty, advanced to cadet petty officer first class.
Morale Welfare and Recreation Officer: Savannah Peck, advanced to cadet chief petty officer first class.
Orienteering Team Lead: Delveon Hamilton, advanced to cadet petty officer first class.
Raiders Team Lead: Colin Murphy, advanced to cadet petty officer first class.
Air Rifle Team Lead: Shaun Finchum, advanced to cadet petty officer first class.
Assistant Physical Fitness Officer: Colin murphy, advanced to cadet petty officer first class.
Gunners Mate: Omar Cabrera, advanced to cadet petty officer first class.

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After this remarkable ceremony ended I can say I didn’t see any cadets without a smile on their face. This ceremony brought great joy to not only those awardees family who came out, but also the awardees themselves for realizing that their hardwork went noticed. Now that everyone has gained many chest candies and new ranks and what not it was time to cut the cake and serve cake.

I would like to formally thank all of the parents, cadets, and all of the special guests who came out to support the final ending ceremony for the NJROTC unit here at James River. thank you and have agreat rest of y’alls weekend.

Green Run 2018

This weekend our own JRHS NJROTC went out to compete in one of the last competitions of the season. At Green Run high school, in northern Virginia, the exhibition drill teams, PT team, and academic team all brought their “A” game.

The Exhibition drill teams did very well bringing in a third place in armed exhibition, and second in unarmed exhibition. Our academic team scored first overall against several teams who had previously been in national competitions! Top individual scores were Cadet Thomas Shashaty and Cadet Clark Brandau, tied for third with the top scorer Cadet Quinn Lily. The PT team scored third place in push-ups and second place in sit-ups. In the 100m relay we did not place, but the performance overall was stellar. The 200m race was cancelled due to dangerous track conditions.

Congratulations to all the teams on an outstanding performance, keep up the good work and hope for Area 5 competition coming up! Bravo Zulu!




Third Annual Rapids Run for Veterans 5k

On Saturday, November 5th 2016, JRHS NJROTC partnered with the JRHS Center for Leadership and International Relations to host the Third Annual Rapids Run for Veterans 5K. With participants ranging from Cadets to Teachers and other adults, the 5K raised funds for the Fisher House organization, which helps families of Veterans undergoing medical treatment away from home to have a place to stay. Each participant received a shirt and a special shirt was given to the top two finishers, military veterans, and a running club who came out to participate. The top finisher, James River Government Teacher Mr. Alexander Addison, also received a memorial plaque. We would like to thank that Cadets and Leadership students who volunteered and our Commanding Officer, c/LTCDR John Booker, for organizing this event. We hope to see many of the volunteers and runners back here next year as well.

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