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New Cadet Orientation 2018

On the morning of August 21, students pulled up to the back of JRHS for their first day of NCO.  The following week was filled with intense PT, team challenges, and growth.

Day One:
On Monday, new cadets were introduced to the cadre, and were divided into three platoons.

Day Two:
Things began to pick up on Tuesday, as Cadets were thrown into PT.  They also began to work on their own marching cadences.

Day Three:
The main event of Wednesday was orienteering.  Cadets came down to the river, and teamed up in duos to search for flags hidden throughout the landing.

Day Four:
Thursday was dedicated to the Ewing Olympics: An annual event that both staff and cadets compete in.  Cadets participated in several competitions, including capture the flag and ultimate frisbee.

Day Five:
On this final day, cadets wore their uniforms for the first time.  They also competed in a drill competition.  This was followed by an awards ceremony, where cadets pinned their new ribbons and ranks to their uniforms.

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Area 5, 2018

This weekend, the top ten teams within Area 5 (Maryland and Virginia) competed in Drill, Academics, UPI, and PT. Our very own James River HS NJROTC got a chance to strut their stuff with the big leagues. So, Thursday 40 cadets left during lunch to go down to VA Beach for threes days to compete.


The first day was a travel day and after a multiple hour trip down, cadets settled into their rooms at the Day’s Inn. But, not before cadets went to the mess hall at Oceania for some chow. Later in the evening, cadets structured into groups with their rooms to go down to the boardwalk. During this time, cadets checked out the local shops and relaxed before their competitions.

The next day, cadets prepared for a day of drill. With their uniforms on, they took a bus to Little Creek base. In an open hanger, cadets competed in: Armed Basic, Unarmed Basic, Armed Exhibition, Unarmed Exhibition, and Color Guard. Cadets gave it their all, with each team leader drilling cadets and practicing weeks prior. There was tough competition but cadets kept spirits up with snacks provided by parents. After the competitions, cadets moved back to the hotel for a day at the beach. In spite of the cold, many decided to take a dip. Fueled by Chick-fil-a, cadets continued to practice and prepare for the next big day.


Finally, Saturday cadets woke up 0400 and prepared for the final day of competing. After arrived at Lake Taylor high school, teams began forming up and shining shoes as the Academic team shipped out to take an exam. 100 questions later, the Academic team returned and cadets switched into PT gear and their swishy suits for push ups and sit ups. Then came UPI, the heavy hitter of the competition. All 40 of the cadets had to stand an inspection for close to half an hour. Nearing the end, cadets then switched once more into PT gear for the 100m and 200m relays. After another day full of competition, cadets attended the award ceremony. Although cadets did not bring home and trophies, James River had scored top 10 out of the 57 units in the Area. They held their heads high on the bus ride back home, thus concluding the 2018 season. Hoorah cadets, job well done.


All Company, February 2018

This Monday, an all company formation was held for year book pictures. During the formation, several cadets were advanced to the rate of Petty Officer 3rd class, a major accomplishment. Congratulations to the following:


The following cadets earned the rate of c/PO3

  • Dillon, Brandau
  • Cosby, Christopher
  • Hines, Frederick
  • Samuel, Raymond
  • Tylicia, Singleton
  • Kaleigh, Yunker

The following cadet eared the rate of c/SA

  • William, Wallace

Congratulations to the Cadets of the month: c/PO3 Yunker and c/SN Doniger !


Hoorah, cadets, job well done.


Green Run 2018

This weekend our own JRHS NJROTC went out to compete in one of the last competitions of the season. At Green Run high school, in northern Virginia, the exhibition drill teams, PT team, and academic team all brought their “A” game.

The Exhibition drill teams did very well bringing in a third place in armed exhibition, and second in unarmed exhibition. Our academic team scored first overall against several teams who had previously been in national competitions! Top individual scores were Cadet Thomas Shashaty and Cadet Clark Brandau, tied for third with the top scorer Cadet Quinn Lily. The PT team scored third place in push-ups and second place in sit-ups. In the 100m relay we did not place, but the performance overall was stellar. The 200m race was cancelled due to dangerous track conditions.

Congratulations to all the teams on an outstanding performance, keep up the good work and hope for Area 5 competition coming up! Bravo Zulu!




National Academic Exams

Today, during Rapid Time, 36 Cadets got a pass to the NJROTC trailer to take their National Academic Exams and NS1 Postals. The National Academic Exams were broken up into teams. These five teams had a time limit of 50 minutes for 100 questions, while the NS1 postal was 23 minutes for 50 questions. The following Cadets participated in said exam(s):

Brandau, Clark (XO) 1
Cramer, Austin 1
Lilly, Quinn 1
Pearcy, Jack 1
Wade, Alexander 1
Cappiello, Daniel 2
Cosby, Christopher 2 NS1
Ezell, Clai 2
Luther, Thomas 2
Pulsifer, Thomas 2
Doniger, Benjamin 3 NS1
Johnson, Michael 3
Kraus, Noah 3
Raymond, Sam 3 NS1
Shashaty, Thomas (CO) 3
Acker, Will 4 NS1
Brandau, Dillion 4 NS1
Crump, Stella 4
Thrower, James 4
Watson, Ryan 4
Finchum, Shaun 5 NS1
Hernandez, Lesslie 5
Kliensorgen, Joe 5
Shashaty, Patrick 5 NS1
Sidorov, Savva 5
Cabrera, Omar (alternate) NS1
Calhoun, Harrison NS1
Constantino, Aidan NS1
Hines, Frederick (alternate) NS1
Klos, Briana NS1
Layne, Brody NS1
Murphy, Colin NS1
Penny, Dustin NS1
Singleton, Talecia NS1
St. Hilaire, Ymperiahl NS1
Swineford, Mac NS1
Zuniga, Jasmin (alternate) NS1

The NS1 team eraned a toatal of 894. Hoorah, Cadets, job well done.

Will Acker 58 
Dillon Brandau 46 
Harrison Calhoun 78
Aidan Constantino 48
Christopher Cosby 70 
Ben Doniger 66 
Frederick Hines 60 

Broden Layne 56

Colin Murphy 60 

Dustin Penny 56

Sammuel Raymond 68 
Patrick Shashaty 64 
Tylicia Singleton 48
Randall Swineford 72
Jasmin Zuniga 44
Other scored are to be announced…

All Company Formation 12/5/17

This Tuesday, an all company formation was called for awards and several frockings. During the formation, each platoon displayed their guidon proudly as names were called to receive their recognition.


The following cadets earned the rate of cadet Seaman Apprentice (c/SA):

  • Doniger, Benjamin
  • Murphy, Colin
  • Rodriguez Morales, Hector
  • Scott, Terrance, JR

The following cadets earned the rate of cadet Seaman (c/SN):

  • Brandau, Dillon
  • Cosby, Christopher
  • Finchum, Shaun
  • Hines, Frederick
  • Juarez, Esau
  • Raymond, Samuel
  • Singleton, Tylicia
  • Yunker, Kaleigh

The following cadet earned the rate of cadet Petty Officer 3rd Class (c/PO3):

  • Wade, Alexander

The following cadet earned the rate of cadet Petty Officer 2nd Class (c/PO2):

  • Alvarenga, Eric

Ribbons/ Awardees

The following cadets earned their Orienteering Ribbon:

  •  Constantino, Aidan
  • Cosby, Christopher
  • Druktenis, Mantas
  • Hines, Frederick
  • Raymond, Samuel
  • Russell, Elijah
  • Shashaty, Thomas
  • Thrower, James
  • Wade, Alexander
  • Wells, Nocholas

The following cadets earned their Community Service Ribbon:

  • Cosby, Christopher
  • Finchum, Shaun
  • Juarez, Esau
  • Raymond, Samuel
  • Singleton, Tylicia
  • Yunker, Kaleigh

The following cadets earned their Physical Fitness Ribbon:

  • Diaz Bravo, Iris
  • Snapp, Michael

The following cadets earned their Participation Ribbon:

  • Kleinsorgen, Franklin
  • Williams, Donavyn

The following cadet earned their Unit Service Ribbon:

  • Shashaty, Thomas

The following cadets earned their Academic Ribbon:

  • Crump, Stella
  • Watson, Ryan

Congratulations cadets, job well done!