Brick Dedications

Family, friends, or relatives may purchase a memorial brick in honor of those James River High School graduates who have served or are serving in the armed forces. Bricks may be purchased for $50. $25 pays for the actual engraving of the brick, and the balance is used for upkeep of the memorial circle. Our NJROTC Honor Guard will make a formal presentation of the brick on a day convenient for the family and service member if available.

To order a brick, click here.

List of Dedicated Bricks

  • WWII Roundtable of Central VA
  • In Honor of All Korean War Veterans 2014
  • In Honor of All Vietnam War Veterans 2015
  • In Honor of All Cold War Veterans 2016
  • Andrew L. Glisson, US Army, Class of 2003
  • Rachel Stuhlmiller, US Army, Class of 2008
  • Adam Teachey, US Army, Class of 2008
  • Eric R. Lee, USMC, Class of 2009
  • Julie A. Ingram, US Navy, Class of 2011
  • Eric L. Fichter, US Navy, Class of 2011
  • Lynda Johnson, USMC, Class of 2012
  • Kevin A. Powell, USMC, Class of 2013
  • Cody L. Finchum, USMC, Class of 2013
  • Nancy Johnson, USMC, Class of 2014
  • Karl R. Linn, USMC, Class of 2002
  • Jourdan L. Grez, USMC, Class of 1999
  • Col. Jeff Ellick, US Army, Principal (2011-2016)
  • Elisha El, US Navy, Class of 2015
  • Reed Dibich, USMC, Class of 2013

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  1. PAO, Can you include a picture of the walkway to include bricks of our graduates?

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