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Raiders Meet

On November 7th, the James River High School Raiders team (consisting of eight members) went to Pocahontas State Park and competed in the “Best Of The Best” Raiders Meet. The Raiders team placed

  • 11th Overall out of 48 teams!!
  • 1st in Land Navigation
  • 9th in Rope Bridge
  • 15th on the 5k
  • 14th on the Fireman’s Carry
  • 12th at the Litter Carry

Good Job Cadets! 

Knock Off The Rust Drill Meet

On October 17th, the unit hosted our annual “Knock Off The Rust” Drill Meet, the first of the season. The Drill and Academics teams started the season off strong, placing third in Armed Exhibition, second in Academics and Unarmed Standard drill, and first in Color Guard and Unarmed Exhibition. These wins added up to a second place overall position of all who attended. The cadets did a fantastic job both in competition and in running the meet.


“USS Buttercup” Damage Control Training Facility Field Trip

On October 16th, a portion of the unit took a field trip to the “USS Buttercup”, a facility in Norfolk, VA used to train Navy Damage Control personnel by simulating a flooding compartment on a ship. After attending a brief presentation on basic repair training for pipes and holes, the unit was split into two groups, each participating in a different section of the trainer. One section consisted of a room filled with pipes and a model bulkhead littered with holes that Cadets were required to patch using various materials provided while being sprayed with water. The other section was a compartment that was modeled after an actual Navy ship which flooded with water from various holes as smoke filled the room and alarms blared to add to the confusion. Cadets were required to patch the holes in the bulkheads using wooden blocks of various shapes and sizes. Though the participants failed in this task, the experience was unforgettable.  Afterwards, the unit traveled to the base of an amphibious landing craft unit, where cadets were able to get a hands-on tour of an LCAC Amphibious Assault hovercraft. After lack of interest prevented the unit from attending this trip last year, this year’s experience will likely seal the trip into the annual traditions of the unit.

JRHS 2015 Homecoming Parade

This year, the unit marched in the annual James River High School Homecoming Parade with an impressive showing. Leading the parade, Cadets ignored (to greater or lesser degrees) confectionary distractions tossed from passing floats as the parade was getting into position and represented the unit with military discipline and pride. The unit led the parade with a color guard, trailed by the Armed Standard team and the rest of the unit marching unarmed while chanting cadences. The parade ran from the top of Tarrington hill to “The Swamp” (the JRHS football stadium), completing one lap around the track before coming to a halt.

Military Appreciation Night

On 25 September, cadets honored the following veterans by parading a 50x30ft flag onto the JRHS football field for the school’s annual Military Appreciation Night football game. Cadets who were not on flag detail also participated in a special five-man color guard and escorted the vets onto the field to be honored by the crowd during the National Anthem.

Name                                                                           Branch                                Years of Service

Michael Cook USMC 4 years
Sabrina Nelson Army 3 years
Tom Hickey Navy 21 years
Walter Cornett USMC 4 years
William Bennett Military 20 years
Patrick Lilly USMC 6 years

Veterans Day 2015 (Assembly and 5K)

The NJROTC cadets in partnership with the Leadership and International Relations Center will host our 4th Annual Veterans Day assembly on Friday, 6 November 2015. As a follow up to our 2013 and 2014 assemblies in which we hosted five WW II and five Korean War veterans respectively in a round table discussion, we will host six Vietnam War veterans on stage. 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War with our first ground combat troops deploying to Vietnam on 8 March 1965. We invite all Richmond-area Vietnam era veterans and their guests to join us for both our pre-assembly reception at 1115,  the assembly at 1205, followed immediately by a brick and wreath laying ceremony at our memorial circle. Please register here online.

On 7 November 2015, our very own Physical Training Officer c/Ensign Ewing will lead our effort to host our Second Annual Rapids Run for Veterans 5K. All proceeds will benefit our local Fisher House, a non-profit organization that provides veterans’ families a place to stay at no cost while their loved one is receiving medical treatment. Click here to register!

The same day registration is at 0930, the Fun Run for kids starts at 1030 and the 5K will start immediately following the Fun Run.  The 5K is run entirely on the James River High School campus.  The entry fee for Vets and students is $15 and $20 for all other participants. Same-day registration is $20.  “Top 10 Runner” t-shirts will be given to the top 10 runners.  Sugar Shack will sponsor a light breakfast and a meet and greet with local veterans.

Student questions

Vet Video

2015 Manchester Raiders Meet

The following cadets from James River High School NJROTC competed in the 2015 Manchester Raiders Meet.

  • Curran – 1st place in the mile and pushed himself to the limit on the 5k. Also his first competition
  • Velzy – Good PT scores (especially mile). Stepped up on the 5k — carried extra gear and administered dihydrogen oxide therapy to struggling teammates
  • Mena – 5k team motivator + only raider willing to be the simulated casualty for the litter carry. Also his first competition
  • Blanco – Pushed through the pain on the 5k+ excellent job on the litter carry. Also his first competition.
  • Rhodes* – outstanding one-man performance + all around beast mode + literally ran laps around the team during the 5k.
  • Hayden – Suns out guns out. Excellent PT scores, no complaints on the 5k.
  • Gibson – Good PT scores + quick on the fireman’s carry. Also, pushed himself to the limit on the 5k.
  • Roberts – last time as raiders team lead :'( + PHD in ropes

* denotes seniors.

Notwithstanding a last minute decision to go to the meet and limited practice time, these cadets performed outstandingly.

EDIT: CONGRATULATIONS to our Raiders who placed 3rd in the Vehicle Pull and 6th overall out of 18 teams in the Manchester Raiders meet on Saturday, May 16th. Three new Raiders Cadets Blanco, Curran and Mena earned their cords and Senior Chief Rhodes finished well in his last NJROTC competition.

Marine Corps Bootcamp 2015

Click here to watch a video chronicling our cadets’ trip Parris Island to experience Marine Corps Boot Camp. The following cadets from James River High School completed this trip and returned with greatly improved discipline and leadership skills:

  • Cadet Gibson
  • Cadet Flournoy
  • Cadet Saunders
  • Cadet Bengu
  • Cadet Hayden
  • Cadet Bell
  • Cadet Mena
  • Cadet May A.
  • Cadet May K.
  • Cadet Thompson
  • Cadet Kramer
  • Cadet Taylor
  • Cadet Garcia
  • Cadet Young