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Brain Brawl Nationals!

Congratulations to our JRHS Brain Brawl team, which consisted of cadets Brandau C, Cosby, Crump, Doniger, and Raymond!  For the second year in a row they competed in the Brain Brawl nationals competition, where they faced off against 24 of the best teams in the country, such as South Effingham and North Cobb.   Overall, they finished in 16th place, and they placed 2nd out of competing schools from Area 5.


During the trip to Daytona, the cadets received the outstanding opportunity to tour both the Citadel, the USS Yorktown, as well as Embry Riddle University in Daytona Beach!  Special thanks to our hosts at Embry Riddle University, which is home to one of the most prestigious ROTC units in the country!

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The competition is only getting tougher, so let’s give it our all on each step of the road to nationals for next year!

Military Ball 2019

On March 23rd, the annual Military Ball took place at the Double Tree.  While there are many things throughout the year that get our attention, no year is truly complete without this traditional ball.  Throughout the night, cadets from several different units gathered to celebrate and enjoy themselves in the traditional ball.  There was great food, guest speakers, a senior graduation ceremony, and of course, the dance!


Special thanks to our instructors, speakers, and hosts at the Double Tree who made it all happen!

Area 5 Brain Brawl 2019

On March 23rd, cadets Brandau C, Cosby, Crump, Doniger, and Raymond competed in the Area 5 Brain Brawl championship!  The stakes were high in this championship round, and they came out on top!  JRHS’s Brain Brawl team scored the most overall points throughout the day against 8 teams, and landed second place in the final championship round.  This means James River is going to nationals with Green Run and Princess Anne!


Amazing job Brain Brawlers!  Get ready for nationals!

Area 5 2019

Congratulations to the 40 cadets who traveled to Virginia Beach for this year’s Area 5 Invitational!  The privilege of going to Area 5 is a long and arduous fight, and the cadets earned every bit of it!  For the 3rd time in the unit’s history, and the 2nd time in a row, this is with no doubts an outstanding accomplishment.

The 2 day period was full of competition and celebration.  Here are some highlights!

Armed Exhibition, lead by c/ENS Stella Crump


Armed Basic, led by c/ENS Samuel Raymond


Uniform Personnel Inspection Team, led by c/LCDR Kiara Prera


Unarmed Basic Team, led by c/CPO Ryan Watson


Color Guard Team, led by c/ENS Dillon Brandau


Due to weather, cadets were unable to compete in the relay.  However, push ups and curl ups were still good to go!


Special thanks to our seniors, who stayed with the unit through thick and thin.  They guided our teams through the years, and taught everything they knew.  While this was their last drill meet, they will always be present with us in spirit, even as they move onto their own paths.

Outstanding job, cadets!  Let’s fight and pray for another year at Area 5 in 2020!

AMI 2019 and Cadets of the Month

On February 6, Area 5 Manager Captain Jim Daniels visited our school for the biennial Area Manager Inspection.  This included a uniform inspection, drill presentation, marching pass and review, and an awards ceremony!  Here are some highlights!


The following cadets received awards:

Exemplary Personnel Appearance:
Cadets Bickford, Chashkin, Childress, Hamilton, Holt, Moro, Rodriguez C, Rodriguez H, and Vanderpool.

Physical Fitness:
Cadets Alveranga, Benjamin, Bonilla, Bradley, Brown, Cappiello, Carter, Cosby, Cramer, Crim, Crump, De Matos, Hernandez, Doniger, Druktenis, Eveline, Fields, Finchum, Hamilton, Harris, Henry, Hines, Holt, Jenkins, Luther, Mejia, Moore, Moro, Morris, Prera, Murphy, Newton, Perkins, Ramirez, Raymond, Rodriguez C, Ruffin, Russell, Sarpong, Sidorov, Singleton, Tocarchik, and Watson.

Color Guard:
Cadets Holt and Raymond

Academic Team:
c/SA Tocarchik

Drill Team:
Cadets Sarpong and Tocarchik

Cadets Bradley and Sarpong

Cadets Doniger, Hines, and Raymond

Unit Service:
c/SA Benjamin

Community Service:
c/SA Perkins
c/SN Fields

Inter Service Competition:
c/SA Benjamin


c/PO1 Tylicia Singleton, advanced to cadet Chief Petty Officer
c/PO1 Randall Swineford, advanced to cadet Chief Petty Officer
c/PO1 Savannah Peck, advanced to cadet Chief Petty Officer

Cadets of the month:


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Congratulations to c/SN Murphy and c/SN Fields for receiving the Cadet of the Month award!

Special mentions:

Special congratulations to c/PO1 Wells for becoming an official member of the National Guard!


Lee Davis NS1 Drill Meet

On January 19th, several of our NS1s went to Lee Davis to compete in the annual NS1 drill meet.  They competed in unarmed squad, UPI, color guard, and several other individual events.

Unarmed squad, led by cadet Whitney, landed second place among the competing schools!  Cadets Fields and Henry both won medals for flag folding.


NS1s Pitured: Cadets Pace, Tocarchik, Fields, Hamilton, Sarpong, Whitney, Holt, Benjamin, Henry

Special thanks to cadets Henry, Fields, and Whitney for leading our three cards, and thanks to every NS1 who participated in this event!

Remembrance of Lance Corporal Karl R. Linn

January 26th makes the 14 year anniversary of the day when LCPL Karl R. Linn, a JRHS alumni, was killed in action in Iraq.  This year, to honor his life and sacrifice, our Honor Guard traveled to Culpeper Cemetery, to render honors and lay flowers for LCPL Linn’s grave.


Simultaneously, cadets went to Karl Linn Dr. to clean up litter on the street, and to place a new bow on the sign in honor of LCPL Linn.


Take some time today to remember LCPL Linn, his life and sacrifice, and the sacrifice of all those who have given their lives protecting our country.  Don’t forget those who have lost their sons and daughters in the line of duty.

Veterans Day 2018

On November 9th, we hosted our annual Veterans Day Assembly.  We had the privilege of meeting 4 veterans from the Military Order of the Purple Heart: RADM. Roy Hoffman, Sgt. Benjamin King, Cpl. Jack Reynolds, and Maj. Daniel Dorchak.  Prior to this, we interviewed each veteran and compiled their stories into a video.



After a short Q&A, we moved out to the memorial to present an engraved brick and wreath in honor of those who have fought for our country.




To all who have served this country, on behalf of JRHS, thank you.

Brooke Point and Prince George Meets.

On  10/27 our drill, athletic, academic, and air rifle teams went out to compete at Brooke Point and Prince George.



At Brooke Point, our teams blew away the competition!  They brought back nine placings, and four medal awardees!

The following Cadets won medals:

c/SCPO De’Matos won male top push ups, with an outstanding score of 171!
c/LTJG Crump won female top push ups, with a score of 45!
c/SN Carter won top male curl ups, at a score of 145!
c/SA Henry reached the top 10 in the knockout individual competition!



Things couldn’t have gone better for air rifle at Prince George.  They won both first place overall, and the top shooter award!

c/PO1 Swineford won top shooter overall, and c/PO1 Finchum won top prone shooter!


Congrats to all cadets who went out to these events!  It’s been a great start to a successful season!