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ATTENTION AIR RIFLE TEAM MEMBERS: We now have a Remind group for the Air Rifle team. To join, text the code @100comp to 81010.

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Welcome to the JRHS NJROTC Air Rifle team! This team is for Cadets who are interested in learning or have learned marksmanship and wish to apply these skills at a competitive level.

What is Air Rifle Team? The Air Rifle team practices and competes by shooting ten targets in three different positions -prone (laying down), standing, and kneeling- and attempting to achieve the highest composite score. Additionally, those Cadets who wish to take more responsibility on the team can learn maintenance on the Daisy air rifles used by the team.

When does this team practice/compete? Though the official practice schedule for the 2016-2017 school year has not yet been decided, practice is generally offered in the afternoons from 1400-1600 with alternate practices held before school for those who wish to compete on other teams after school. The team shoots postal targets for competitions at the school, off-site competitions for Virginia Rifle League, and those who achieve top scores on the team will have the opportunity to attend Area 5 rifle championships.

How does this team stack up? Air Rifle Team has a history of high performance in Virginia Rifle League standings, having achieved first place rankings many years running along with a spotless safety record. (To see how we’re doing this year, click here.)

What awards can I earn for being on this team? Air rifle team ribbons are awarded to those who shoot three competitive postals and/or attend three off-site competitions. Active team members can wear our Air Rifle cord and individual shooting awards are available for high scorers in competition.

How do I join? See Commander Greenwald or Air Rifle team lead for more information.

Air Rifle Team: Click here to read an article on Ginny Thrasher, the US Women’s Air Rifle Olympian who won our first Gold Medal at the Rio Olympics.

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