New Cadet Orientation 2019 and Leadership Followership Camp

New Cadet Orientation (NCO):

Incoming cadets, come out to James River during the third week of August, Monday through Thursday for the annual New Cadet Orientation or NCO. During this week you will be able to develop as a leader, workout, meet the new company staff, and even earn some awards while there.

Once the new cadets arrive they will form up for the first time until they are split into the three platoons and meet their platoon leaders for the week. During this selection the platoon leaders will elect striving cadets to fill the roles of guide-on and platoon leaders. After the selection is made the three platoons will practice drill for the first time and get a feel for what it is. Following this will be PT and academics to broaden the new cadet about what NJROTC is all about.  This also allows for some few cadet leaders to lead by example within the platoon and show of to their other platoon mates about what it means to be a leader. Leadership will be greatly demonstrated by the hand selected platoon leaders who strive above and beyond.

Every year a handful of cadets are carefully chosen who go above and beyond to fulfill the roles of the company staff. These cadets are acknowledged for the achievements to lead others as they have shown how they can excel in this field of NJROTC along with the other many topics. This team of cadets is among the best of the best and allows for the incoming cadets to look up to in how to lead within their future class periods for the upcoming year. This time also allows to get interested in the company staff and get them to apply for the next staff.

At the end of an action packed week the cadets will be awarded for their hard work. This includes being advanced to the rate of Seaman apprentice which makes them higher than cadets who just joined and didn’t go to NCO. Along with a advancement the cadets will be awarded with the participation ribbon signifying that they went through the entire week of NCO. After the awards ceremony takes place the entire company in three platoons will march back to James River High School for a banquet to celebrate the cadets hard earned work. This is a great week for any interested cadets to go through to gain a head start.  If you have any interests in this action packed week, click the sign up link below. We hope to see you there

Leadership Followership Camp:

If you or your child is not enrolled in JROTC for this upcoming school year, but is still interested in gaining experience in the arts of leadership and followership, they may enroll in the Leadership Followership Camp.  This camp goes on during NCO, and students engage in similar activities throughout the week.  Parents of JRHS students should have received a letter with additional information in May 2019.  More information will be released very soon in August.


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