Brain Brawl Nationals!

Congratulations to our JRHS Brain Brawl team, which consisted of cadets Brandau C, Cosby, Crump, Doniger, and Raymond!  For the second year in a row they competed in the Brain Brawl nationals competition, where they faced off against 24 of the best teams in the country, such as South Effingham and North Cobb.   Overall, they finished in 16th place, and they placed 2nd out of competing schools from Area 5.


During the trip to Daytona, the cadets received the outstanding opportunity to tour both the Citadel, the USS Yorktown, as well as Embry Riddle University in Daytona Beach!  Special thanks to our hosts at Embry Riddle University, which is home to one of the most prestigious ROTC units in the country!

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The competition is only getting tougher, so let’s give it our all on each step of the road to nationals for next year!

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