Lee Davis NS1 Drill Meet

On January 19th, several of our NS1s went to Lee Davis to compete in the annual NS1 drill meet.  They competed in unarmed squad, UPI, color guard, and several other individual events.

Unarmed squad, led by cadet Whitney, landed second place among the competing schools!  Cadets Fields and Henry both won medals for flag folding.


NS1s Pitured: Cadets Pace, Tocarchik, Fields, Hamilton, Sarpong, Whitney, Holt, Benjamin, Henry

Special thanks to cadets Henry, Fields, and Whitney for leading our three cards, and thanks to every NS1 who participated in this event!

Remembrance of Lance Corporal Karl R. Linn

January 26th makes the 14 year anniversary of the day when LCPL Karl R. Linn, a JRHS alumni, was killed in action in Iraq.  This year, to honor his life and sacrifice, our Honor Guard traveled to Culpeper Cemetery, to render honors and lay flowers for LCPL Linn’s grave.


Simultaneously, cadets went to Karl Linn Dr. to clean up litter on the street, and to place a new bow on the sign in honor of LCPL Linn.


Take some time today to remember LCPL Linn, his life and sacrifice, and the sacrifice of all those who have given their lives protecting our country.  Don’t forget those who have lost their sons and daughters in the line of duty.