Brooke Point and Prince George Meets.

On  10/27 our drill, athletic, academic, and air rifle teams went out to compete at Brooke Point and Prince George.



At Brooke Point, our teams blew away the competition!  They brought back nine placings, and four medal awardees!

The following Cadets won medals:

c/SCPO De’Matos won male top push ups, with an outstanding score of 171!
c/LTJG Crump won female top push ups, with a score of 45!
c/SN Carter won top male curl ups, at a score of 145!
c/SA Henry reached the top 10 in the knockout individual competition!



Things couldn’t have gone better for air rifle at Prince George.  They won both first place overall, and the top shooter award!

c/PO1 Swineford won top shooter overall, and c/PO1 Finchum won top prone shooter!


Congrats to all cadets who went out to these events!  It’s been a great start to a successful season!

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