New Cadet Orientation 2018

On the morning of August 21, students pulled up to the back of JRHS for their first day of NCO.  The following week was filled with intense PT, team challenges, and growth.

Day One:
On Monday, new cadets were introduced to the cadre, and were divided into three platoons.

Day Two:
Things began to pick up on Tuesday, as Cadets were thrown into PT.  They also began to work on their own marching cadences.

Day Three:
The main event of Wednesday was orienteering.  Cadets came down to the river, and teamed up in duos to search for flags hidden throughout the landing.

Day Four:
Thursday was dedicated to the Ewing Olympics: An annual event that both staff and cadets compete in.  Cadets participated in several competitions, including capture the flag and ultimate frisbee.

Day Five:
On this final day, cadets wore their uniforms for the first time.  They also competed in a drill competition.  This was followed by an awards ceremony, where cadets pinned their new ribbons and ranks to their uniforms.

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