National Academic Exams

Today, during Rapid Time, 36 Cadets got a pass to the NJROTC trailer to take their National Academic Exams and NS1 Postals. The National Academic Exams were broken up into teams. These five teams had a time limit of 50 minutes for 100 questions, while the NS1 postal was 23 minutes for 50 questions. The following Cadets participated in said exam(s):

Brandau, Clark (XO) 1
Cramer, Austin 1
Lilly, Quinn 1
Pearcy, Jack 1
Wade, Alexander 1
Cappiello, Daniel 2
Cosby, Christopher 2 NS1
Ezell, Clai 2
Luther, Thomas 2
Pulsifer, Thomas 2
Doniger, Benjamin 3 NS1
Johnson, Michael 3
Kraus, Noah 3
Raymond, Sam 3 NS1
Shashaty, Thomas (CO) 3
Acker, Will 4 NS1
Brandau, Dillion 4 NS1
Crump, Stella 4
Thrower, James 4
Watson, Ryan 4
Finchum, Shaun 5 NS1
Hernandez, Lesslie 5
Kliensorgen, Joe 5
Shashaty, Patrick 5 NS1
Sidorov, Savva 5
Cabrera, Omar (alternate) NS1
Calhoun, Harrison NS1
Constantino, Aidan NS1
Hines, Frederick (alternate) NS1
Klos, Briana NS1
Layne, Brody NS1
Murphy, Colin NS1
Penny, Dustin NS1
Singleton, Talecia NS1
St. Hilaire, Ymperiahl NS1
Swineford, Mac NS1
Zuniga, Jasmin (alternate) NS1

The NS1 team eraned a toatal of 894. Hoorah, Cadets, job well done.

Will Acker 58 
Dillon Brandau 46 
Harrison Calhoun 78
Aidan Constantino 48
Christopher Cosby 70 
Ben Doniger 66 
Frederick Hines 60 

Broden Layne 56

Colin Murphy 60 

Dustin Penny 56

Sammuel Raymond 68 
Patrick Shashaty 64 
Tylicia Singleton 48
Randall Swineford 72
Jasmin Zuniga 44
Other scored are to be announced…

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