Area Manager Inspection, 20 October, 2016

Each year, every NJROTC unit is required to undergo an inspection by a Navy officer to ensure that the Unit is operating as prescribed by NJROTC regulations. This year, we were fortunate enough to be inspected by none other than the Area 5 Manager himself, Captain Jim Daniels. Over the course of the day, Captain Daniels, the other military personnel who assisted with the inspection, and members of the JRHS Administration team and Cadet Parent Organization were briefed by Company Staff on the day-to-day operations of the unit, followed by a unit-wide uniform personnel inspection and a ceremonial pass in review. Several Cadets were awarded ribbons and frocked to new ranks in front of their parents. At the very end of the day, Captain Daniels stuck around to shoot targets with our Air Rifle Team. Below is a comprehensive list of the awards. If you have pictures or video of this event, please send them to our Communications Officer at

AMI 2016



Exemplary Personal Appearance Ribbon

This ribbon is presented to those Cadets selected during AMI by the Inspecting Officer whose uniform appearance is outstanding amongst their fellow cadets.


c/SA Alvarenga, 2-Oscar Platoon

c/SN Davies, 4-Echo Platoon

c/SA Johnson, 4-Echo Platoon

c/SA Cramer, 4-Oscar Platoon

c/SN Easingwood, 4-Oscar Platoon

c/PO3 Morris, 3-Oscar Platoon

c/PO2 Prera, Platoon Leader, 3-Oscar Platoon

c/PO2 Yong, Color Guard Commander

c/SR Castillo, 2-Echo Platoon

c/SA Crump, 2-Echo Platoon


Orienteering Ribbon

This ribbon is awarded to Cadets who have attended at least one orienteering event.


c/PO2 Hayden

c/SN Wells

c/LTjg Velzy

c/SA Ebony Ross

c/SA Kaupish

c/SR Thomas

c/SA Ruffin

c/SR Hernandez


Air Rifle Ribbon

This ribbon is awarded to Cadets who have participated in at least one Air Rifle Postal.


c/SN Ezell

c/SA Kaupish

c/SA Reliford

c/SA Hernandez

c/SR Salazar

c/SA Kelchner



The following Cadets were advanced in rank. New ranks are reflected on this list.

Cadet Petty Officer Second Class Daniel Cappiello

Cadet Petty Officer Second Class Jack Pearcy

Cadet Lieutenant Junior Grade Zachary Popp, Communications Officer

Special Thanks

Captain Jim Daniels, Area Manager, NJROTC Area Five

Colonel Bill Barret, Acting NSI

Mrs. Joy Mullins, US Navy League

Ms. Marcie Terry, Assistant Principal, James River High School

Mrs. Laura Faulcon, Assistant Principal, James River High School

Mr. Kevin Brandau, President, JRHS NJROTC Cadet Parent Organization

JRHS Center for Leadership and International Relations

JRHS Yearbook Photographers

All Inspectors who assisted with the inspection process

All Parents who came out to support their sons and daughters

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