All Company Formation: Fri, 18 March

On Friday, 18 March, the unit held an All-Company Formation. During the formation, Principal Ellick spoke to the Cadets about the unit’s impressive performance at Area 5 Championships and was presented with the Second Place Academic trophy earned at Area. Also featured was a performance by the Unarmed Exhibition team, which preceded several awards, including  the frocking of Cadets Jack Pearcy, Spencer Willett, and Meily Yong to the rank of Cadet Seaman (E-3) and Cadet Daniel Cappiello to Cadet Petty Officer Third Class (E-4). In addition, the Company Staff roster for the 2016-2017 Academic Term was announced. The Cadets of the month for March, 2016 are Cadet PO/3 Daniel Cappiello for the NS1 award and Cadet PO/3 Quinn Lilly for the upperclassman award. HOORAH to all Cadets who received these rewards and the ones listed below:

  • Participation Ribbon (for participation in at least three (3) unit events):
    • Cadet Booker (2 gold stars)
    • Cadet DeMatos (2 bronze stars)
    • Cadet Ewing (2 silver stars)
    • Cadet Friedrich (1 silver star)
    • Cadet Frye (3 gold stars)
    • Cadet Jackson (1 gold star)
    • Cadet Janulis (1 bronze star)
    • Cadet Kaupish (2 silver stars)
    • Cadet Keel (1 silver star)
    • Cadet May (2 bronze)
    • Cadet Morris (2 bronze stars)
    • Cadet Prera (1 silver star)
    • Cadet Price (3 gold stars)
    • Cadet Ramirez (1 silver star)
    • Cadet Ross (1 gold star)
    • Cadet Saunders (2 silver stars)
    • Cadet Wells (1 silver star)
    • Cadet Willett (2 bronze stars)
  • Drill Ribbon (for competing in at least three (3) drill competitions):
    • Cadet Biringer (1 silver star)
    • Cadet Cappiello (2 bronze stars)
    • Cadet De Matos (2 bronze stars)
    • Cadet Jackson (1 silver star)
    • Cadet Lowe (2 bronze star)
    • Cadet Markey (3 gold stars)
    • Cadet Pearcy (1 bronze star)
    • Cadet Price (3 gold stars)
    • Cadet Reynoso D. (1 silver star)
    • Cadet Reynoso S. (1 silver star)
  • Academic Ribbon (for participating in at least three (3) competitive academic exams in a given academic term):
    • Cadet Freeman (1 bronze star)
    • Cadet Friedrich (1 bronze star)

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