Area 5 Championships (March 11th, 2016): Drill

Today, March 11th, we competed in our  FIRST EVER Area 5 Championship! This is a two day event and today was the drill day. We competed in the following events: Armed Exhibition, Armed Basic, Unarmed Exhibition, Unarmed Basic, UPI, and Color Guard. We do not know what we placed, but we will find out tomorrow at the end of the competition. Tomorrow we will compete in academics and PT, then followed by awards! HOORAH to everyone who competed!

Below is a recording of the Armed Exhibition routine performed at Area 5.


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS cadets on making it to Area 5!!! I’m proud of all the cadets that played a role in making it happen from academics to athletics, from inspection to drill. All the best tomorrow on Day 2.

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