Nottaway Drill Meet

20150110_08535120150110_09151020150110_09223020150110_12125920150110_12132720150110_131253This past Saturday, January 10th 2014, the NS1s competed at Nottaway High School. The cadets did such an outstanding job at the competition. They placed 3rd in Unarmed Squad and were so close to placing in all the other areas. Congrats to Cadet Saunders for leading unarmed squad right into 1st place. Bravo Zulu NS1s!

Unarmed Platoon – 4th

Color Guard – 6th

Unarmed Squad – 3rd

UPI – 4th

Academics – 4th (Cadets Brockman and Lilly placed in the Top Five indivually)

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